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Company NameSymbol
Backstageplay Inc.BP.H
Balto Resources Ltd.BAL.H
Baymount IncorporatedBYM.H
BC Moly Ltd.BM.H
Bemetals Corp.BMET.H
Bethpage Capital Corp.BET.H
BHK Mining Corp.BHK.H
Big Sky Petroleum CorporationBSP.H
Black Birch Capital Acquisition III Corp.BBC.H
Black Bull Resources Inc.BBS.H

PricesCompany Information
Company Name: Backstageplay Inc.
Industry:Software Development
BP.H -Backstageplay Inc.
Date of
17 Jun 2005
Fiscal Year-end: DEC 31
Trading Status: TRADING
Address:Suite 350 - 409 Granville Street
V6C 1T2
Phone: 1(604) 241-8400
Timothy Brack, President
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